Promotional Products Industry Trends 2018

What will this year bring us? Are there any shifts and changes on the market at all? With promotional product industry constant growth, the market gets more complicated and customers more and more demanding to the swag they get.

How to Use Promotional Items Effectively

Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest ways to advertise, but is it effective nowadays?

5 reasons why successful brands should use Teemoji AR T-shirt for their next promo campaign.

"Augmented reality is quickly becoming a more popular marketing tool for brands, which is what the Aiia TEEMOJI promotional tees look to enable with a fun, interactive design," says Michael Hemsworth in his review for TREND HUNTER.


Aiia announces its creative collaboration with Karim Rashid — the most famous industrial designer in all the Americas according to Time Magazine.

7 killer ways to grow the distribution business exponentially

Must-read for the successful distributor.

Promotional Products: How to Win Your Client’s Heart

Promotional products industry is big and diverse. Market offers many options, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of promo swag. Should you use it at all? What kind of promotional products to choose and how to get the best of them? Finally, how to impress even the most demanding client?

4 Promotional items ordering mistakes you should stop making

Ordering promotional gifts for your company seems to be the simplest task of all. But let’s not rush this time and figure out why getting high-quality promotional products on time takes a little bit more than that.

Buyer’s Guide: Quality Criteria of Promotional Items

Every company puzzles itself with a question "What promo product should we make this time?"

Success formula to stand out on the promotional products market.

Exclusive review by Aiia’s founder Andrew Klymenko.

Five Trends that Will Shape the Promo Products Industry in 2017

The promo products industry is in the midst of a seismic shift that will forever change the way brands communicate with their customers.

Promo industry

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: Things to Know Before Buying

Caring about our planet is a trend that doesn’t go away and each year becomes more and more widespread. Unfortunately, not all products that claim to be green are actually eco-friendly.

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